We believe that preaching and teaching are central to the life of the local church. We meet each Sunday to glorify God in a reverent and meaningful way through the singing of hymns, prayer and the exposition of God's word. We use Christian Hymns and the Authorised version of the Bible. Each service lasts for about an hour. We meet around the Lord's Table normally on the third Sunday in each month.

Sunday Services

We meet for our morning teaching service at 10.30am and again in the evening for our gospel service at 6.30pm. Each service lasts for about an hour. There is an opportunity for prayer before each meeting.
All sermons are recorded and can be downloaded from our website (see our audio ministry page).

For those with young children services are relayed into the entrance foyer.

For those who are hard of hearing a loop system is provided. Please set hearing devices to the T position.

Every month we hold a short service at a local care home.

Bible study & prayer meeting

We meet each Wednesday at 7.30pm for a time of Bible Study and prayer when we look at the Bible in more detail to see how God's teaching relates to our everyday lives.

We also have regular visits from missionary societies to keep us informed of the wider work of the gospel.

Once a month our meeting takes the form of a visit to the North Yorkshire Bible Rally (see our Links page).

Open-air preaching

We believe that reaching people who would otherwise not come to church is an important part of our ministry.

To this end we preach in the open air and distribute literature on Thursday or Saturday mornings at various locations, in fellowship with other Evangelical churches.

We also distribute tracts and invites to Church services several times a year to nearby homes.